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Wicked Wobblerz - BLOODY REDHEAD

Wicked Wobblerz - BLOODY REDHEAD

SKU: 617285681918

Floating Twitchbait

The Wicked Wobblerz Floating Twitchbait Series is designed to mimic the movement of a wounded or dying baitfish.  While being retrieved, the bait dives in the upper water colum from 3 to 8 ft and floats when paused.  The "wobbling" action while being retrieved reflects a natural swimming motion of baitfish and the two metal beads inside the body create a noise underwater that is sure to attract predator's attention.  


The body of the lure is painted in a slightly translucent ink and the inner body features a holographic material that reflects light causing it to shimmer through the water peaking the curiousity of any lurking fish around!  Good for Bass, Redfish, Trout, Speckled Trout, and other species.  Great for fishing structures or flooded grass.


3-3/4 Inch body

1/2 oz. weight

Diving Depth: 5-8'

#6 Heavy Duty Hooks

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