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GoPro Action Camera Floating Hand Grip
  • GoPro Action Camera Floating Hand Grip

    Floating Hand Grip allows you to take photos and video with your action camera while in or under water. Capture water activities while leaving fears of losing your action camera behind! The unique tether allows you to swim or dive with the hand grip in tow, the non-slip grip allows you to take action shots in the water without fear of losing your camera, and the water tight storage compartment allows you to store any small valuables during your adventures! Great for your next fishing, kayaking, rafting, swimming, or diving adventures! This Monopod fits standard swivel mounts and includes mount screw. Fits GoPro Hero models and all other action cameras that use the swivel mount shown.


    • Pocket size and lightweight. If not underwater, it can be used as normal monopod or selfie stick. The handle compartment can keep some small things like keys, coins, loose changes,etc.
    • With screwable water-proof endcap, it can make any action camera afloat easily. Water can be filled into the handle to create neutral buoyancy when scuba-diving
    • With built-in two-prong adaptor, it can mount Action camera quickly (the camera must be with water-proof housing)
    • With skidproof EVA handle , it is super-comfortable on hands feeling
    • Added tether allows you to swim with the hand grip attached